Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering - Mechanical draftingMechanical Engineering - Opto-mechanical mechanismMechanical Engineering - Re-imaging optics configuration We provide a number of mechanical engineering design services, including:

  • Full design of spectrographs and imagers
  • High precision mechanism design
  • Kinematic mount design for small and large optics (lenses, mirrors, beamsplitters, prisms, gratings etc)
  • Cryogenic design (cryostat, cold plate, optics support) and high vacuum system
  • Static, dynamic and thermal-stress analysis using FEA
  • Large and small support structures
  • Assembly, integration and verification plan and execution
  • High resolution rendering and animation
  • SolidWorks setup and template definition
  • Mechanical detailing and full drafting
Mechanical Engineering - Small optical mountsMechanical Engineering - Small optics cell for cryogenicsMechanical Engineering - Small optics cell