ASTRO Electro-Mechanical Engineering - Re-imaging optics re-configuration systemASTRO Electro-Mechanical Engineering - Motion control optical alignment ASTRO Electro-Mechanical Engineering - Gearbox design ASTRO Electro-Mechanical Engineering was established in 2012 to offer support to world-class observatories in the design, fabrication, assembly, integration, testing and commissioning of astronomical instrumentation such as imagers, spectrographs, and other specialized equipment.  Our engineering team has over 40 years of combined experience in the development of high-end instrumentation at prestigious observatories across the globe. We can provide trade-studies that will balances your needs in terms of cost and performance. Risk-reduction experiments and full prototyping are some of the services provided to help your project succeed without costly setbacks.  We can accommodate your optical, mechanical, and electrical needs as well as the design, fabrication and testing of small sub-assemblies or complex parts.  We also can assist you in the definition of technical requirements, project management and systems engineering, where our expertize can be of great value. ASTRO is dedicated to working closely with our customers to achieve project requirements and goals. ASTRO Electro-Mechanical Engineering - 1.2m mirror lifting fixtureASTRO Electro-Mechanical Engineering - 1.2m mirror lifting fixtureASTRO Electro-Mechanical Engineering - Auto-guider pick-off mechanism